Kristine & Lola

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Hey Guys, It’s me Lola, Well since coming down to Prague Kristine and I have been having a blast. Every day we’ve been able to find some thing fun to do. I looked out earlier and the weathers still bad so it looks like another girls play day. To tell you the truth I’m really glad. We stayed in bed until afternoon just playing and fooling around. Then we got all dolled up and went out to the living room. We got on the sofa down on all fours with our horny ass pointed straight up and began touching and caressing each others sexy bodies, rubbing and slapping our asses. Kristine started kissing my ass. We got up on our knees and she began rubbing and squeezing my tits, she licked up my back and started rubbing my ass pulling at my panties as I licked my way up between her tits. We started kissing and playing with each others tits. I pushed Kristine back and got on top I began kissing her then I pulled down her top licking and sucking her tits and rising nipples. I took off her bra and she started playing with her tits and I licked her body down to her horny pussy. Kristine pulled her panties to the side and I dove right in, licking her twat from the bottom up as she caressed and played with her tits and nipples. She sat up and we started to kiss then she pulled down my bra and began sucking and teasingly licking my nipples, she knows how much that makes me wet. I turned around getting into dog Kristine started rubbing my ass then she pulled my panties to the side. I reached back and spread my horny ass wide Kristine licked my cunt then stuck her tongue right in my ass hole. She spit in my ass and let it drip down to my puss then she started licking my twat then she stuck her finger in my ass. She gave my ass another spit then stuck her finger back inside she dug it around real good before pulling it out and sticking it in my mouth. Kristine stuck her finger back in my ass then slipped a second one in too, then stuck them in my mouth just like before but this time twice as good. She fingers my ass hole then spreads my ass wide, licking up my crack with her warm wet tongue. Kristine slipped her finger back in my eager ass and began sliding it in and out then she spit in my ass hole and stuck her tongue in right behind. She stuck her fingers back in my ass fingering my hole over and over. She slapped me on my ass and then started rubbing and playing with my tits from behind. Kristine got into Doggy and I pulled her panties down to her knees licking and tonguing her ass she reached back and spread her ass open just to make it easier for me. I licked my finger then started rubbing it around Kristine’s ass hole then I began licking her ass as I continued toying with her ass hole then slowly sliding my finger inside. Kristine held open wide as I licked and fingered her ass as nasty as I knew how. We grabbed our toys and got up on our knees rubbing them on our bodies then licking and sucking them both down. We rubbed ours toys on our tits and across our nipples then started licking and sucking them up and down. Kristine got back into Dog and spread her ass open wide I started sliding the glass dildo up and down her ass and pussy then I spit on her ass and slowly slid the glass dildo inside. I slid the dildo in and out of her ass then pulled it out just to stick it right back in, Kristine reached back spreading her ass wide open again and I shoved the dildo even deeper inside, I slowly pulled it out and started rubbing my finger around the rim of her hole. Kristine came over and we started kissing and rubbing our tits together then she laid down and I slid the hard glass probe right back in her ass. She held her leg up close to her body and was rubbing her twat from top to bottom I leaned forward and began licking her as she rubbed her horny clit round and round. I kept moving the dildo around in her ass, licking her pussy, and fingering her clit then she reached down and started pushing the dildo even deeper in her tight ass, moving it from side to side and up and down. She pulled the glass rod out from my ass and stuck it in my mouth, Kristine sat up and together we licked the dildo up and down then we started kissing before I laid back down and began rubbing my snatch. Kristine had the liquid filled dildo and was sucking it up and down, she began rubbing it around my ass she gave it a spit and slowly pushed it inside my tight hole. She gave my ass another spitting for lube then she pulled the dildo out and gave it a quick suck then slid it right back in as I continued rubbing my kitty and clit up and down and all around. I lifted my leg and kept rubbing my cunt Kristine slid the dildo from my ass and started sucking it straight out of my ass getting it reslicked up then she slid it back in my tight ass. I rubbed my happy pussy round and round and up and down Kristine snatched the dildo from my ass and started rubbing it on my pussy then she gave it another sucking then back in my ass it went, sliding it in and out stretching my butt hole every time she pushes in. Kristine pulled the dildo out of my ass and I stuck her fingers in my mouth and stuck the dildo in my mouth to suck. She took the dildo and started rubbing it between my tits I pushed them together and she slid it up and down. I got myself flipped up on the sofa with my ass and pussy pointed straight up in the sky, Kristine stood behind the sofa licking and spitting in my ass hole then rubbing the dildo and bio lube all around. I reached up and started rubbing my cunt as she pushed the dildo in my ass, sliding it in and out over and over again, before pulling out and gaping my ass. Kristine stuck the dildo back in my ass then pulled it right back out like a game gaping my tight little butt over and over again. She spit point dead center showing how good she had tunneled my ass as the half time show, I held my ass open and back to the second half of the gaping my ass game. Kristine dug the dildo around in my ass and then gave it a good nasty suck then she went back in to get me a taste then she came around and joined my licking the dildo and kissing.

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